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Dental Radiology and Diagnostics

If you are having issues with tooth ache and discomfort, our diagnostics is the first step to take
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Professions dentistry and aesthetics have only the latest radiological equipment

Digital RVG (digital radiovisiography)

A digital recording of the tooth that requires 95% less radiation than a conventional and where the picture displays on your computer monitor instead of the classic negative. The advantages of digital RVGa compared to conventional X-rays, among other things, the clarity of the image on the computer, reduced radiation, speed and precision shooting

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Digital panoramic X

Digital panoramic X is the image of the entire jaw from which is receiving general information about the jaw bone, teeth and roots. Picture shows the precise pathology around the roots of teeth, cavities in hard to reach places and the state of the bone in the jaw, whereby allows for better planning of the implant. Video gives us a clear view on all the details of the jaw, allowing for easier and more accurate diagnosis than traditional tape.

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CBCT image and 3Shape scan

We use a combination of both, CBCT image and 3shape scan, to create an individual surgical template for precise implant placement.

3d RTG technology

CBCT (3d) X-ray of the jaw

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is a specialized imaging technology that provides detailed three-dimensional views of the jaw structures with which we can capture highly accurate, detailed images of the oral and maxillofacial structures. Those images are used to create an implant therapy plan. With that individually created plan, we make a surgical template, which is the basis for installing the implants.

Digital panoramic X – Applications in Dentistry

Digital panoramic X-rays are commonly used for various diagnostic purposes, including assessing the overall dental and skeletal structure, evaluating impacted teeth, detecting cysts or tumors, and planning for orthodontic or surgical procedures.


Digital panoramic X-rays aid orthodontists in assessing the alignment of teeth, evaluating the development of permanent teeth, and planning for orthodontic treatment

Implant Dentistry

In implant dentistry, panoramic X-rays assist in assessing the quantity and quality of the jawbone, determining optimal implant placement, and identifying potential challenges or complications.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgeons use panoramic X-rays for pre-surgical planning, including the extraction of impacted teeth, corrective jaw surgeries, and the removal of cysts or tumors.

General Dental Diagnosis

Dentists use digital panoramic X-rays for routine examinations to diagnose issues such as dental caries, periodontal conditions, and abnormalities in the oral and maxillofacial region.

(TMJ) Evaluation

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Evaluation – Digital panoramic X-rays provide an overview of the temporomandibular joints, aiding in the evaluation of TMJ disorders and jaw joint abnormalities.

Emergency Dentistry

In emergency situations, where a quick and comprehensive assessment is needed, digital panoramic X-rays can provide valuable information for prompt diagnosis and treatment planning