Have you lost a tooth in accident?

3d tooth print


Have you lost a tooth in an accident and you need immediate reparation? We can create a 3d print to replace the damaged tooth in one day, while you are waiting for a permanent dental restoration.

3d tooth print-dental implants center Croatia


The 3D printer deposits material layer by layer to construct the physical tooth model based on the digital representation.

After printing, the 3D tooth model may undergo post-processing steps, such as curing, polishing, or additional finishing to achieve the desired characteristics


Tooth lost in accident

if you need a quick solution for your lost tooth, 3d print technology is the solution. we will take a 3d scan of your jaw and replicate the tooth so you can continue your daily activities with this solution while you are waiting for a permanent tooth restoration
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3d tooth print

3d tooth print - tooth in one day - debtal implants center Croatia

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